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When a photograph speaks to you it reflects who you are, precious relationships, expressing it like no other. It's more than you ever imagined. The only way this could be better would be if you could share it with others, anywhere, anytime - on your phone, your iPad, Facebook, or any devise with Internet access. All of this makes the new TedYork Inspirato much more than you ever imagined.

"It's why we do what we do"

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Family Portraits Family Portraits
Families are our most prized possession. Nothing is more rewarding than to deliver a beautiful wall portrait of an entire family to loving parents and grand parents. Let Ted turn your loved ones into a work of art.
Individual Portraits Individual and Couples Portraits
An individual portrait tells a story of its subject. Ted had come to love all his clients – and where there is love there is beauty. Ted finds that beauty in everyone he photographs.
High School Seniors High School Seniors
Ted loves to create images of High School Seniors. They are so full of excitement for what they have done and what lies ahead. This is one of those times when a beautiful portrait is a must.
Children Children and Babies
Children are the essence of life. The first time to photograph them is within their first week of life. From there they change in the twinkling of an eye as the fingerprints on the backdoor get higher and higher then they are gone.
Weddings and Bridals Weddings and Bridals
Weddings are one of the most joyous occasions in our family lives. Two families joining together to celebrate the creation of a new family as a bride and groom pledge themselves to each other and a new life.
Fine Art & Commercial Fine Art
Producing fine art prints for wall décor is an on going project at Ted York Photography. Less expensive than an original painting, a fine art photograph on canvas or art paper is much nicer than inexpensive art prints.
Commercial Commercial
Present you and your company in the way you should with a professional business portrait. We would love to help you represent your business the way you envision.
Composite Art Portraits
Although we regard all of our photography as art, we are beginning a special line of art portraits. These unusual pieces portray your loved ones in a beautiful way you may never have imagined and make spectacular art prints.