Preparing for Your Session

   The most important thing you can do to prepare for a family photography session is to relax. It is my job to create a beautiful image of you and your loved ones. I want you to enjoy the experience and let me do the worrying for you. Below is a list of suggestions that will help you in preparing for the session and help me to create that wonderful family portrait.


  1. Plan to start early. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare by not scheduling your session to close to other family commitments.
  2. Select your clothe days before so you can make adjustments or return new items that do not fit.
  3. This is not the best time to get a new hairdo. If you want dad or the boys to get a haircut it is best to do so a week in advance to give it a little time to grow out.
  4. Moisturize everyone’s skin starting a day or two before the session. This is really important if we are doing children’s close ups. Places to check are their lips and under their nose/nostrils where runny noses can chap the skin above their lips.
  5. Stick to natural colors in makeup and nail polishes. Stay away from fluorescent greens and oranges. Light colors around the eyes works best.
  6. If you feed your children before the session be sure to floss and brush their teeth well so they don’t have food between their teeth in the photograph.
  7. Do not let your children eat candy or foods that will color their lips and tongues. Smarties work well if you need to give them something.
  8. Do not stress about your kid’s behavior. Consider the best times of the day for them to be photographed. Other than that let me deal with them during the session. Little children can be trying, but I have ways to distract them and get the shots I’m looking for.
  9. Let me know if there is anything I need to know about anyone in the party, such as Autistic children, or other special needs so that I can prepare properly and bring out their personalities. I may have to change to more appropriate locations, etc.
  10. Schedule a consultation. It takes time, but it will provide dividends. Good preparation is the key to a great family portrait.