Sunrise on the Wasatch Mountains
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Monday, October 22, 2018
By Ted York Photography
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     Last time I posted it was about my trip to Yellowstone, a little over 5 hours from my home. It was a great trip and I got some great images, but sometimes all you have to do is go out onto your front porch. Actually I went a little further, passing through my neighbor's yard and up the hill a little to get away from the trees that are getting taller every year. The first round of color wasn't much to write home about, but I waited a little longer hoping for something to happen and it did. I went to work rotating the camera around on the tripod as the light changed on various points of the mountains. I had to work fast because it doesn't often does not last long. Finally I packed it up and descended the hill into the Neighbor's yard and headed for home. It was nice this morning that I didn't have to go far.  (This image is a 6 image stitch. It was shot at 400 ISO, 1/80th of a sec, f-5, 100mm with a Canon 5DSR.)

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