The Magic of Santa
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Thursday, September 21, 2017
By Ted York Photography
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Three siblings, ages two, four, and six entered the room to find Santa Claus sleeping in his chair. Leaving the wary two-year-old behind, the other two approached Santa. He woke up with a, "Ho Ho Ho" and addressed them by name. Seeing his older brother and sister interact with Santa the youngest eventually joined the fun.  The magic began!  becoming lost in Santa's world the kids enjoyed an evening like no other. First they watched Santa find their names on the "nice" list and then go to the globe to have them point out where they lived to make sure he could find them on Christmas Eve. Spreading a special dust on the globe he confirmed their location.  The children stared as the sparkling dust left Santa's fingers and fell to the globe. Next the Claus pulled out a small wooden chest and filled it with more special dust.  Then with two hands he gave the chest to the now attentive children and explained to them that they needed to put the magic dust out in the yard in front of the house on Christmas Eve so Santa would be sure to find them. The kids painted with magic paint, helping Santa to finish toys. They decorated his tree and listened to the man in red read The Night Before Christmas. They shared cookies and milk and looked into Santa's bag to see all of the decorated gifts that filled the inside. All to soon their hour with Santa was over.  Goodbyes were said. The family left the room with Mom carrying the small wooden chest with the special dust that would guarantee a visit from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. What an unforgettable evening they had had, their own private time with someone known the world over! The time was absolutely magical!

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